A history of flow Part 1

Just Another Fad

To an elemenatary school student growing up in the 90s,, the seasons of life were marked by an endless progression of Fads that swept through the school systems on the wings of television advertisements.

There were slap bracelets, pogs, skip-it, hula hoops, Razer scooters, RC Cars, yoyos… an infinite variety of products direct marketed to children, promising hours of fun and lasting enjoyment to anyone who chose to pick them up. I wanted all of them, so badly, and pestered my parents constantly for the “next thing” for every birthday and Christmas present I could haggle… and then I promptly forgot all about them 2 weeks later.

And then, for a brief glimmering moment, the giant marketing machine of the Television networks changed their focus to devil sticks… and I was in absolute Awe.

I begged my parents to let me get some, but they drew a line in the sand. They were no longer going to support all the fads. I would have to save up on my own if I wanted to get them.

And I did.
I saved every cent of allowance up for two months of the summer until I could afford a set of devil sticks. As soon as I could, I rushed out to the local Toys-R-Us store to pick mine up.

This is what my first set of flowersticks looked like.  They were little more than dowels wrapped in bicycle tubes... a total ripoff.

This is what my first set of flowersticks looked like. They were little more than wood sticks wrapped in bicycle tubes… a total ripoff.

I walked into the first day of school triumphant with a set of black and green devil sticks. Unfortunately, nobody else had them. The fad had not taken hold where I went to school.

I was not about to give up though; I was going to get every last cent of my allowance in fun. I kept practicing and brought them to every recess, despite being the only one using them. I was never very popular anyways, and at least with devilsticks I had something to keep me occupied.

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